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Le Club Cosmopolite® Co., Ltd.
Managing Director @Akiko SHINOZAKI

From the beginning one of our main activities have been holding training seminars in French/ English for conference interpreters, translators, and office workers.

The participants learned and practiced:

How to perform in public.
How to improve their abilities and skills in foreign languages.
How to behave in daily business scenes.

n 2002, our objectives for the seminars was to provide opportunities for young, less experience interpreters to perform in public. The conference type seminars covered a wide range of topics such as eThe World Cup soccer gamef, eWines of Francef , eColor Psychologyf, eTrademark Lawf, ePension Issuesf, ePronunciation reformf and other themes based on languages and cultures. We invited distinguished speakers from many different fields to share their ideas in interactive ways. As a result, participants received new information and interpreters experienced a great many opportunities at performing. The average number of participants is about 30 for the conference type seminars and 5 to 10 for the smaller seminars such as gAdvanced English Phonetics Lessonsh and LCC CINEMATEQUE.@

n 2003, we have been concentrated our efforts for a training of tourist guides in English and French. For In this purpose we invited very well experienced guides or native speakers from the to guide us The Sankei-En Garden (Yokohama), the Fukagawa Edo Museum (Tokyo), the National Museum of History (Sakura City), and The Center for the Advancement of Working Women in order to form their performance useful expressions and professional skills. We also organized seminars on the theme of The Tea Ceremony (School of Ura Senke ), Flower Arrangement (School of Koryu@×).

This year, we, keen to be professional in guiding foreigners, we continue to deepen our knowledge of the Japan in every aspect and to learn the appropriate terms with details in order to be able to satisfy the interests and curiosity of our clients.

We hope our seminars will continue to meet your needs and expectations and and, if possible, will be some use to enrich both your career and private life.

Our services are overcoming language barriers:
Providing specialized services in
English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese
From conference interpretation/technical translation
to every-day personal assistance

Le Club Cosmopolite

Kasai Office
4-2-708,Kitakasai 4-chome,Edogawa-ku
Tokyo 134-0081 Japan
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Le Club Cosmopolite